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Jose Franco

Jose Angel Franco Jr. (born 1967), generally known as Jose Franco, is an American entrepreneur, baseball coach and the founder of Stoop Juice.  Franco’s article titled “Self Motivated” details how in April 2011, Jose did a juice cleanse (66 days) which helped him return to his natural weight of 180 pounds.  He lost 52 pounds during cleanse (75 pounds total). On March 23, 2017, Jose Franco claimed Donald Trump hacked Stoop Juice’s website.  Mr Franco noticed something had changed about his shop's official Wordpress site. At the tail end of his company slogan, "AUTHENTIC HEALTHY SUSTAINABLE," there was now another phrase: "NO FAT ASSES.”  In January 22, 2018 Jose Franco, through a facebook rant declared he was running for President Of The United States In 2020.

Jose Franco attended DeWitt Clinton High School in the Bronx, both Rafael (brother, 1984) and Jose (1985) were elected Senior Class President.  Jose Franco was one of five captains of the varsity baseball team.  Jose also attended Binghamton University School Of Management from 1991 - 1995. After college, Jose worked at Michael Anthony Jewelers, at the time, the largest gold jewelry manufacturer in the United States.


In an article titled “Juiced”, Mr Franco states, “Openness and awareness begins with the ability to self-critique and reflect upon things central to one’s own beliefs, thoughts, actions, behavior, and results. Openness can inform private, personal or group discussions”.


Jose Franco has coached elite travel baseball (90+ game season) since 1995.  Harrison Bader, Pedro Beato and Adam Ottavino are among the many professional baseball players to play for Coach Franco.  In the video “The Process”, Jose proclaims, “Of the hundreds of kids I’ve coached in the last 20 years, those who reached the Major Leagues chose to have a proactive belief in themselves; In essence, what you believe in your heart is what you are and what you become. In this country we are condemned to be free. Once we’re thrown into the world we are responsible for everything we do. While attempting to guide and mold these young men, I learned self belief is a choice individuals can only make for themselves regardless of coach”.  

Franco ended by saying, "Today, I’m running for public office despite at times thinking my life would be happier if I had the same capacity to be silent that I have to speak. This was made  obvious to me by the number of emails I’ve received questioning my intentions for writing an open letter to Mark Cuban and Oprah Winfrey.  I continue to welcome all emails since I’m moved to action because I fear self-complacency is no longer an option”.  Jose regularly posts articles he writes to LinkedIn and is the host of “The All Things Brooklyn” webcast.

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