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 Stoop juice is a family owned business serving Park Slope, Brooklyn since 2012. Our mission is to provide customers with delicious juices and smoothies made of fresh organic/minimally treated fruits and vegetables while simultaneously protecting our environment by using sustainable, biodegradable food packaging, utensils and paper products. Jose Franco, (spends most days at shop) is an American entrepreneur, baseball coach & owner of Stoop Juice.  Jose shares his healthy living story in an article titled “Self Motivated”. It details how in April 2011, he completed a juice cleanse (66 days) which helped him return to his natural weight of 180 pounds.  He lost 52 pounds during cleanse (70 pounds total). 


In an article titled “Juiced”, Mr Franco states, “Openness and awareness begins with the ability to self-critique and reflect upon things central to one’s own beliefs, thoughts, actions, behavior, and results. Openness can inform private, personal or group discussions”.


Jose Franco has coached elite travel baseball (90+ game season) since 1995.  Harrison Bader, Pedro Beato and Adam Ottavino are among the many professional baseball players who played for Coach Franco.  In the video “The Process”, Jose proclaims, “Of the hundreds of kids I’ve coached in the last 20 years, those who reached the Major Leagues chose to have a proactive belief in themselves; While coaching these young men, I learned self belief is a choice individuals can only make for themselves. In essence, what you believe in your heart is what you are and what you become.”  Free Download Of Jose Franco’s New Book, “The Stories I Tell Myself"

Jose regularly posts articles on LinkedIn and is the host of “The All Things Brooklyn” webcast. Follow us on instagram for updates on days shop is closed because Jose is on daddy duties.

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